Al-Saddig Al-Mahdi doesn’t look at the twist of his neck

By Abdul Rahman Al-Ninga
There is a Sudanese saying that the camel doesn’t look at the twist of his neck. It applies to Al-Saddig Al-Mahdi. The man is very active through his excessive press interviews in disclosing and displaying the ruling party's drawbacks.

The man seems to have nothing to do but those press interviews. But instead of speaking about the alleged failures of the ruling party, wouldn’t it be better to speak about his confirmed failures. Al-Mahdi failed to keep his own family together, not to speak about the split of his political party which is now  divided into more than eight parties.

Two Saudi photographers were motivated by the book of the Sudanese photographer Salman Mutwkkil to come to Sudan to take pictures from Sudan.

Gms: Khartoum, August 20 (SV, SUNA)

The Vice-President of the Sudan Republic, Hassabu Mohammed Abdul Rahman met two days ago, at his office, at the Republican Palace, the Director General of Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dekhairi.

Sudan is celebrating the industry national day.

Gms: Khartoum, August 18 (SUNA)

The United Company for Advanced Projects Ltd organizes the 4th Khartoum Gum Arabic Forum, which will be held on Sunday 20 of current August, in Holiday Villa at 9:30 am and will be honored by the Minister of Trade.

The “fence assembles us initiative” was launched tosafe the “Kalifa Museum” in Omdurman from drowning and to make some maintenance works on the acquisitions of the museum.