The sports minister calls for the “sports investment

Dr. Abdul Kareem Mahmood theminister of Youth and sports hailed the great role played by the governments of the Sudanese states in boosting and upgrading the sports in their states and in Sudan. He expressed his appreciation to the experiment of North Kurdufan state and called for the “sports investment”.


The two top teams prepare for the local battles

The two top teams Hilal and Marreikh are getting ready for their matches this week. Hilal is meeting Al-Khartoum Al-Watani in the quarter final next Tuesday.


Jidyan Hawks arrive at Addis

The Sudanese national football team arrived


The Arab football union is angry

The leaders of the Arab football union are angry! Why? They were agitated by some statements by the Egyptian football union about the Arab athletes championship currently running in Egypt.


The wrestling championship in Kasala

The chairman of the Sudanese wrestling union Allahjabu Sulieman confirmed that the preparations for the wrestling championship which is going to be organized inKasala state areat “full swing”.


Two Saudi photographers were motivated by the book of the Sudanese photographer Salman Mutwkkil to come to Sudan to take pictures from Sudan.

Gms: Khartoum, August 20 (SV, SUNA)

The Vice-President of the Sudan Republic, Hassabu Mohammed Abdul Rahman met two days ago, at his office, at the Republican Palace, the Director General of Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, Prof. Ibrahim Al-Dekhairi.

Sudan is celebrating the industry national day.

Gms: Khartoum, August 18 (SUNA)

The United Company for Advanced Projects Ltd organizes the 4th Khartoum Gum Arabic Forum, which will be held on Sunday 20 of current August, in Holiday Villa at 9:30 am and will be honored by the Minister of Trade.

The “fence assembles us initiative” was launched tosafe the “Kalifa Museum” in Omdurman from drowning and to make some maintenance works on the acquisitions of the museum.