Sudanese Pop

The Sudan: Unity and Diversity in a Multicultural State

Little known in the United States and Western Europe, the Sudan is nevertheless a country of major importance in international affairs.



War Child


By :Emmanuel Jal


Separated from his family as a young boy, Emmanuel Jal was eventually conscripted as one of 10,000 child soldiers in the Christian Sudanese Liberation Army.


The Arabs and the Sudan

Hasan, Yusuf Fadl

Published by Khartoum University Press., Khartoum, Sudan (1973)

Commissioner Madame MayadaSuar Al-Dahab said that Khartoum state is launching a new initiative and adopting new methods to fight drug circulation and trafficking in the state next year. The commissioner described the drug as a threat to the national security. She called for the mobilization of all the parties in the battle againstdrug.

The former first vice president Ali Osman Mohammad Taha

The former first vice president Ali Osman Mohammad Taha stressed the importance of the discussion of all the intellectual issues concerning the youths.

The first vice president the PM Bakri Hassan Saleh launched the youth week organized by the youth union in the Red Sea.

Gms: Khartoum, 9 Dec. 2017 (SUNA)

The meeting of the Council of the Minister of Minerals Wednesday recommended development of an investment geological map for the precious and semi-precious stones in the country besides establishment of three laboratories to inspect, cut and form precious stones.

The First Vice President the (PM) Bakri Hassan Saleh willhonor next Sunday the tenth of December the closing session of the third copy of the Afrabia prize which is organized by the Arab-African council.