Sudan:to announce 2018 Year for Support of People with Disabilities

Gms: Khartoum, 5 Dec. 2017 (SUNA)

The President of the Sudan Republic, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir has renewed the state's promise for sponsoring People with disabilities and full preservation of their rights.

During his address, Sunday, at the Friendship Hall, to the celebration of the International Day of People with Disabilities, he gave directives to the relevant authorities to announce 2018 year for the People with disabilities and their support, instructing the state's governors to directly supervise the issues of the disabled People, and to complete the establishment of the artificial limbs centers in the states in a known time range.
The President of the Republic has asserted in his address the priority of segment of the disabled People to the state, in accordance of the values and believes of the Sudanese peoples, and in support of the efforts and creativity of the disabled People in order to enable them to contribute to the building of the homeland.
He noted to the disabled People rights in the Sudan's constitution, and in all the international regional conventions related to the People with disabilities, besides the approval of the law of the People with disabilities that preserve their rights, and organizes the mechanisms concerning the disabled persons in both the federal and the states levels and, the sponsorship of the state's governors in order to raise their standard of living and provide the necessary funds for raising the capabilities of workers in this field.
In this regard he announced the establishment of the first Faculty of the Artificial Limbs in al- Neelain University and the technical school for the graduation of technical cadres, besides the provision of the health care to the disabled People with the focus on the protection, early discovery of disabilities, the social protection and the other rights with no discrimination on bases of disability.
The president has asserted the state's sponsorship to the education institutions of the People with disabilities, the establishment of an education faculty for them, stressing their right in work and employment, the concern over the friendly environment for the People with disabilities, their communication with the technologies, their political empowerment in the decision making institutions by their membership in the parliament and the states' legislative councils, their participation in the leadership of the civil service with introduction of their role in the cultural and artistic activities, and the sports' competitions to represents the country in the regional and international championships.
The president has commended in his address the organizations and institutions working in the field of concern with care and rights of the People with disabilities to enable them to integrated in the community and employ their capabilities in participation in the countries development efforts.



Commissioner Madame MayadaSuar Al-Dahab said that Khartoum state is launching a new initiative and adopting new methods to fight drug circulation and trafficking in the state next year. The commissioner described the drug as a threat to the national security. She called for the mobilization of all the parties in the battle againstdrug.

The former first vice president Ali Osman Mohammad Taha

The former first vice president Ali Osman Mohammad Taha stressed the importance of the discussion of all the intellectual issues concerning the youths.

The first vice president the PM Bakri Hassan Saleh launched the youth week organized by the youth union in the Red Sea.

Gms: Khartoum, 9 Dec. 2017 (SUNA)

The meeting of the Council of the Minister of Minerals Wednesday recommended development of an investment geological map for the precious and semi-precious stones in the country besides establishment of three laboratories to inspect, cut and form precious stones.

The First Vice President the (PM) Bakri Hassan Saleh willhonor next Sunday the tenth of December the closing session of the third copy of the Afrabia prize which is organized by the Arab-African council.