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Gms: Washington, Oct. 18 (SUNA)

The Islamic Development Bank Group has affirmed its continuity in support to Sudan and provision of funding for Sudan development projects.

The Sudanese woman is looking eagerly to assume the highest post in the country: the presidency. One of the leaders of the Sudanese woman union, Amna Abdul Sadig said that the Sudanese woman can lead the country in the near future.

In every country ornation the poetry plays a substantial role in motivating the peoples of those nations and keep their national integrity.

Gms: Khartoum, Oct. 16 (SUNA)

The Assistant Secretary-General of Arab League for Economic Affairs, Dr Kamal Hassan Ali arrived here Friday evening to take part in Arab Conference for Standardization and Consumer Protection which will be organized by Sudan Standard and Metrology Organization (SSMO).

The Food Bank Organization is preparing to celebrate the international food day on the 16th of October. The chairman of the organization Professor Ibraheem Mohammad Osman gave a briefing about the celebration and their plans to cherish the occasion.