Arab fund to grant Sudan a loan to help with economic structuring and reform

Gms: Khartoum, 12 March (SUNA)

The Arab Fund has agreed to grant Sudan a loan to help it with the economic restructuring programme and the economic reform.
The fund which held its 186 meeting of the Executive Directors, on Thursday in the United Arab Emirates,

reviewed the status of the new loans provided for its Arab member states with the aim of help them with their economic restricting programme and to help sustain a steady development as well as the provision of work opportunities.
The council has pointed out in a circular it published on its website that the meeting also discussed the provision of a loan to the Sudan, in response to a submission by the government of the Sudan.
The council agreed to provide the fund to help boost the economic reform programmes and to create the climate for small and medium size projects in the country.


Gms : Khartoum

The secretary general of Zakat chamber Mohammad Abdul Razig said that around 14 million of the citizens of Sudan are receiving financial help from Zakat chamber. He said that he is talking about 2,291,781 families throughout the country.

Gms : Khartoum

The Sudanese journalism council has declared its annual report on the daily distribution of the newspapers. As was expected Al-Intibaha Daily occupied the top class. It has been winning this post for the past 11 years.

Gms: Khartoum, 18 March 2018 (Smc)

Sudan and Turkey will establish a joint agricultural and livestock company, according to Turkish press.

Turkey’s General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM) will capitalize 80 percent of the Turkish

Gms: Khartoum, 18 March 2018 (Smc)

Belarus and Sudan are considering gold mining in the African country, Head of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate Viktor Sheiman said in an interview with Belarus 1 TV Channel on 13 March, BelTA has learned.

Gms: Khartoum, March 17 (SUNA)

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, reviewed, Wednesday, the offer by the Australian State for investment in the country of $ 11 billion.
The Minister of Minerals, Professor Hashim Ali Salem said in a press statement after his meeting with the President