Tarco Aviation launches its first direct flights between Sudan and Kuwait on February 1

Gms: Khartoum, 13 January 2018 (SUNA)

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between Tarco Aviation Company and the King's Regional Group for Travel and Tourism to launch a direct flight between Sudan and Kuwait on a two-week flight trips starting as of February 1st.

The General Manager of Tarco Company Saad Babiker Ahmed Mohamed Nour signed on behalf of the Sudanese side and for the Kuwaiti side signed the Chairman of the Group and the Regional Director of Tarco Airlines in Kuwait Sultan Eid Mubarak Al Qassab.
Nour stressed the completion of all technical arrangements for the conduct of the first direct flights between Sudan and Kuwait on the first of February, revealing that Tarco Air is characterized by accuracy, discipline and high operational efficiency in addition to the social contributions, support of people with special needs and insolvent patients, appreciating the depth of the Sudanese-Kuwaiti relations, hoping that the flight line strengthens cooperation between the two countries.
Al-Qassab stressed the importance of the direct flight line, which contributes significantly to the approximation of the distance compared to the indirect tracks that were followed in the past, anticipating economic boom to take place due to this flight movement.

Gms: Khartoum, 20 January 2018 (SUNA)

The Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Hazim Abdul Qadir said that in the context of the ongoing review and accompanying policies and to facilitate and simplify the calculation of the exchange rate by banks and exchange rates selling houses, the incentive rate was absorbed in the indicative price in accordance with the system of flexible exchange rate for the mechanism of the Central Bank of the exchange rate to govern the change of ranges around the indicative price, which must be followed by banks and exchange rates selling houses and announce their purchase and sale prices within these ranges;  this shows that the Central Bank of Sudan still adopts the managed exchange rate system and has not been converted to another system in the management of the exchange rate.

The minister of animal resources, Bushara Jumma Arro called for mobilizing all efforts for the slogan of "Sudan the food parcel of the world". The ministry plans for organizing a national conference next February for the purpose.

Gms: Khartoum, 19 January 2018 (SUNA)

The Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Regular Forum is due to host on Saturday, January 20, at 12 noon, the Minister of Trade, the Director General of the Sudanese Free Markets and Zones,

The Swedish government has signed a partnership agreement with the UN fund for habitats and development to provide financial aid to Sudan to boost developmental purposes.

Gms: Kosti, 16 January 2018 (SUNA)

Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Yousuf, Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Irrigation in the White Nile State, confirmed that the winter season crops plantation is going well.