Transportation Minister Promises Return of Sudan Airways, Heathrow Line

The Sudan Minister of Transportation,Roads and Bridges, Engineer Makkawi Mohamed Awad, has promised the return of the sector of air transportation to its former status by benefiting from the lifting of the US economic sanctions, and the restoration of the Heathrow line.

During his address to the press enlightenment on the lifting of the economic sanctions, he noted that the coming stage will witness the launching of the Khartoum-Medni railway line, and the expected railways lines of (al-Gezeira, the East, Zarga'a Sultanate).
He asserted that the sea lines were mostly affected by the sanctions, indicating that the sanctions lifting would enable the Sudan to enter to the global economy, calling on the political forces to join the national dialogue to contribute in the country's development.


Gms: Khartoum, October 21 (SUNA)

The Minister of Transportation, Roads and Bridges, engineer, Makkawi Mohamed Awad, met with the visiting delegation of the Turkish railways, led by engineer, Issa Abdin, the Chairman of Board of Directors, and General Director of the Turkish Railways, accompanied by a number of companies working in the railways field, in the presence of engineer Ibrahim Fadul Abdalla, the Director General of the Sudan's Railways Corporation.

Amid wide celebration scenes and great show-up from spectators and participants the FirstVice president, the PM Bakri Hassan Saleh opened the International Book Exhibition at the exhibitions land at Burri east Khartoum.

Gms: Khartoum, Oct. 20 (SUNA)

On a field visit to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Ministers of Water Resources and Irrigation in Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt stressed the spirit of cooperation between the three countries during their visit to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Wednesday at the invitation of the Ethiopian side accompanying by the National Technical Committees.

Gms: Washington, Oct. 18 (SUNA)

The Islamic Development Bank Group has affirmed its continuity in support to Sudan and provision of funding for Sudan development projects.

The Sudanese woman is looking eagerly to assume the highest post in the country: the presidency. One of the leaders of the Sudanese woman union, Amna Abdul Sadig said that the Sudanese woman can lead the country in the near future.