Sudan, Switzerland to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation


Sudan and Switzerland signed a protocol agreement to strengthen bilateral cooperation in political consultation and training.


The agreement was signed by Ambassador Mohamed Issa Idam, Director General of European and American Affairs at the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ambassador of Switzerland to Khartoum, Martin Strab, in the presence of Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour.

During his meeting with the Swiss Ambassador on the occasion of the completion of his assignment as representative of Switzerland in Sudan, Ghandour praised the Ambassador’s efforts, pointing out the results of his visit to Switzerland in May and what has been accomplished so far.


The wali of the Blue Nile state, Hussein Yaseen Hamad renewed his total support to thearm collection campaign. Addressing the young ladies forum, the wali said that

The horse race club with the cooperation of the women initiative group has organized a lecture on the early inspection of breast cancer and the womb neck disorders.

On this day the 17th of November, 1958 the Sudanese people woke in the morning on the rhythm of military music dispatched from the only radio station then: “Radio Omdurman”.

Gms: Khartoum, 19 November, 2017 (SUNA)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Mubadala Company has expresseddesire to invest in the Red Sea area in the field of oil and gas exploration.

Gms: Khartoum, Nov. 16 (SUNA)

The Sudanese State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Abdul-Rahman Mohamed Dirar has stressed the strength of economic relations between Sudan and Belarus, which he described as distinguished and growing in all sectors.