Government Announces Arms Collection Kick off From Al Fashir City

Khartoum: Vice President of the Republic Hassabu Mohamed  Abdulrahman has announced arms collection kick off and the illegalized vehicles collection  in Darfur state as ofHassabu said while addressing the Legislative Council ,the governor and the members of  the council , the members of North Darfur government , that the kick off of arms collection is launched from Fashir A l Sultan.He directed the immediate collection of arms and illegalized vehicles  across Sudan starting with Darfur  and Kurdufan.


Environmental Governance in Sudan: Strategies, Policies and International Agreements (3)

The Capacity 21 project succeeded in involving a broad cross-section of Sudanese societies in defining their local agendas and priorities

and to implement small-scale projects through funding from international agreements.


Sudan, Switzerland to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation


Sudan and Switzerland signed a protocol agreement to strengthen bilateral cooperation in political consultation and training.


Environmental Governance in Sudan: Strategies, Policies and International Agreements (1)

Strategies and policies

Following the first national Ten Year Development Plan 1960-1970, Sudan adopted a number of policies

to deal with development issues (Five-Year Plan 1970-1975; Six-Year Plan 1975-1981; National Economic Framework 1986).. These frameworks largely prioritized irrigated and mechanized agriculture. Environmental considerations were not well addressed Additional environment-related policies have been put in place since 1990 include the following list.


This Sudan-Based Beat Maker Is Single-Handedly Inventing Nubian Electronic Music

July 25, 2017

It’s often said that “there’s no there anymore” on the Internet; Detroit and Hong Kong are now digitally entwined. While this may be good for human culture on any number of levels, it can feel as though electronic music and online beat culture are slowly morphing into one, somewhat monotonous, slow house sound.


Gms: Khartoum, Aug. 16 (SUNA)

 The Sudan Minister of Industry, Musa Karama, announced Sunday, in the National Industrialization Day, a number of treatments for obstacles facing industry, on top of which the agreement with 10 banks to resolve problems of the stalled factories, resolve the factories electricity problems in the industrial areas, paving roads, the focus on research by linking manufacturers with innovative students, and unifying of the administrative window through coordination relations and integration with the relevant bodies.

 The famous leftist woman Fatima Ahmad Ibraheem has died. Although she was a prominent figure in the Communist Party and a devoted foe of the Islamist regime in Sudanbut the Presidential establishment paid tribute to her and described her in an official statement as “a national figure”. Fatima indeed led a strange life.

The Sudanese Azhari University excelled in the national competition about the teaching of the humanitarian International law organized by the International Red Cross Committee.

Gms: Khartoum, Aug. 14 (SUNA)

The Governor of Khartoum State, Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein has underlined the State' resolve to raise production, achieve food security, substitute imports and increase exports.

Gms: Khartoum, Aug. 12 (SUNA)

 The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, in collaboration with the Sudanese Society for the Cultivation and Care for Palms, Wednesday, signed a protocol on the sponsorship of the 10th. festival of the Sudanese palms and dates, with the state of the United Arab Emirate (UAE), represented by Khalifa International Prize for Dates Palms and Agricultural Creation, in the presence of Sabri al-Daawo Bakhiet, the State Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture, Hamad Mohamed al- Junaibi the Ambassador of UAE, Nasir al -Deen Sholgami the society deputy secretary general, the representatives of the society for the care and cultivation of palms and a number of representatives of the public, private sectors and the relevant authorities.