Media men and space channels

By Mohammad Ibraheem Al-Haj

The T.V program “With Hussein” which is presented by Hussein Khojali has succeeded in a way not imagined by Hussein Khojali himself. Butunfortunately its glittering has faded a bit.


The investment and the antiquities shall they take the chance?

By Hammad Hamad Mohammad

The Sudanese people have more than one reason to celebrate and express their joy for the uplifting of the American sanctions,


Leave the business and be straight

By Al-Hindi Izzal Deen

Until when will the (unpatriotic) capitalism flourish at the cost of the poor Sudanese citizen? The government is conspiring with those rich ones who are not ready to lose one pound of their money to make the Sudanese people livedecent life.


Sudan and the uplifting

By Ibraheem Nasir

At last and after long waiting, the American administration uplifted the sanctions off Sudan. The decision dispatched hopes in the people and the decision makers in Sudan, alike. We expect that it will havepositive impact on the economy.


(3) No for the politicization of crime

By Abdul Rahman Al-Zuma (Al-Intibaha)

Crime is a crime. Politics is politics. There should be a clear-cut line between them. There should be no “mingle” between them. The politicization of crime means a serious violation of the image of the Sudanese transparent judiciary, which is highly esteemed by the Sudanese and abroad.


Gms: Washington, Oct. 18 (SUNA)

The Islamic Development Bank Group has affirmed its continuity in support to Sudan and provision of funding for Sudan development projects.

The Sudanese woman is looking eagerly to assume the highest post in the country: the presidency. One of the leaders of the Sudanese woman union, Amna Abdul Sadig said that the Sudanese woman can lead the country in the near future.

In every country ornation the poetry plays a substantial role in motivating the peoples of those nations and keep their national integrity.

Gms: Khartoum, Oct. 16 (SUNA)

The Assistant Secretary-General of Arab League for Economic Affairs, Dr Kamal Hassan Ali arrived here Friday evening to take part in Arab Conference for Standardization and Consumer Protection which will be organized by Sudan Standard and Metrology Organization (SSMO).

The Food Bank Organization is preparing to celebrate the international food day on the 16th of October. The chairman of the organization Professor Ibraheem Mohammad Osman gave a briefing about the celebration and their plans to cherish the occasion.