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Sudan presents statement on UNISFA mission in Abyei Area

Gms: New York, 1 March 2015 (SUNA)
Ambassador Hassan Hamid Hassan, acting charge D’affaires of the Sudanese Permanent Mission to the United Nation, presented Sudan statement before the UN Security council session on adoption of resolution on extension of the UNISFA mission in Abyei area.
 The ambassador has stressed that the resolution has specified in crystal clear terms and in a number of paragraphs the need to full commit and implement the agreement signed between the Sudan and South Sudan on the final status of Abyei area.

 He said the resolution has also reaffirmed that any final settlement of the status of Abyei area could not be achieved but through dialogue and negotiations between the two parties.
 He commended the stipulations of the resolution on this aspect.
 The ambassador has reaffirmed that all agreements signed with South Sudan are a complete set and whole package that are applied together simultaneously without selection and in accordance with the matrix of implementation for these agreements signed by the two parties in March the 12th, 2013, and which have become part of the official documents of the United Nations Security Council.
 On the ongoing preparations for holding elections in Abyei area, the ambassador has stressed that this was a normal process that should not be questioned by any party, because, he explained, the Abyei Protocol and all other subsequent agreements have stated clearly that Abyei remains, until a settlement is reached on its final status, an integral part of the Sudanese national territories and that what applied on other Sudanese constituencies is applicable on Abyei.
 He said therefore holding of elections in Abyei is a supremacy matter that does not contradict with Sudan's commitment to the settlement of Abyei's final status in line with the Abyei protocol as signed with the government of south Sudan.
 The Charge D’affaires has reaffirmed Sudan's commitment to full implement these agreement and that the shortest way to the final status of Abyei is attainable through the establishment of the administrative mechanism and the interim security mechanism (Abyei legislative council, Abyei administration, and Abyei police) and the establishment of these mechanisms will gill in any administrative or security vacuum and prepared the climate for the return, resettlement and co-existence of the population groups in the area, represented in the Messairiya and the Dinka Ngok, and thereafter enter into the final settlement of the status of Abyei.
The ambassador drew the attention of the UN Security Council that when the Sudanese army was pulled out of the area of Abyei, this was done as a commitment to the said agreement and to the road map as prepared and adopted by the African Union and later on approved by the UN Security Council Resolution 2046(2012).
  The ambassador has meanwhile warned that any attempt to try to impose hasty solutions or submitting any new proposals that contradict any of those agreements or try to bypass them, would only yield catastrophic results on the situation of Abyei and would lead nowhere but to complication of the situation on the ground.
 The charge D’affaires has reaffirmed that it was imperative to reactivate the Abyei joint oversight committee and to put in place the three interim mechanisms (the legislative council, the interim administration and the police), a priori, in a way that would create an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence between the populations in the area, paving the way for a final settlement of the situation in the area in the future.

Gms : Khartoum

The secretary general of Zakat chamber Mohammad Abdul Razig said that around 14 million of the citizens of Sudan are receiving financial help from Zakat chamber. He said that he is talking about 2,291,781 families throughout the country.

Gms : Khartoum

The Sudanese journalism council has declared its annual report on the daily distribution of the newspapers. As was expected Al-Intibaha Daily occupied the top class. It has been winning this post for the past 11 years.

Gms: Khartoum, 18 March 2018 (Smc)

Sudan and Turkey will establish a joint agricultural and livestock company, according to Turkish press.

Turkey’s General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM) will capitalize 80 percent of the Turkish

Gms: Khartoum, 18 March 2018 (Smc)

Belarus and Sudan are considering gold mining in the African country, Head of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate Viktor Sheiman said in an interview with Belarus 1 TV Channel on 13 March, BelTA has learned.

Gms: Khartoum, March 17 (SUNA)

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir, reviewed, Wednesday, the offer by the Australian State for investment in the country of $ 11 billion.
The Minister of Minerals, Professor Hashim Ali Salem said in a press statement after his meeting with the President