Presidency Pledges Support for Gezira Scheme and Decent Tourism

Gms: Khartoum, 20 March 2016 (SV)

The First Vice-President of Sudan, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh has pledged to prioritize the Gezira Scheme and his government’s commitment to purchase products from farmers at encouraging prices, in addition to finalizing the construction of a two-way Khartoum-Wad-Medani Highway set to transform it to a road that aims to give life, instead of claiming lives, due to the number of growing accidents on the road. 

Addressing tourism and the shopping festival in Gezira State’s capital Wad-Medani, on Thursday, Saleh instructed concerned parties to further efforts in order to reach aspired goals and benefits.
The First Vice-President stressed the government’s encouragement of tourism. However, he underscored the importance of conforming to established Islamic values, accepted standards of morality, respectability, and refraining from any acts deemed indecent or immoral.    
He further pledged to rehabilitate Gezira’s agricultural project, in order for it to return to its previous reputable status, in aid of redoubling production to achieve Arab food security, revealing the government’s intention to purchase crops from farmers at competitive prices, but reminded farmers of their duty to meet their Zakat (alms) obligations prior to the sale of their products. 
Saleh said his government plans to industrialize Gezira State by constructing a number of textile factories in different towns of the state. 
The State’s Governor, Mohamed Tahir Eila said that tourism and the shopping festival are financed purely by the Sudanese private sector, adding that the inhabitants of the state have been, and remained, in support of the local government’s policies aimed at achieving food security. 
Eila further pledged to turn Gezira State into an industrial region in the hopes of spearheading development in Sudan.    



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