Sudan participates in the international diving tourism exhibition in Istanbul

Gms: Khartoum, 1 Feb. 2016 (from

Sudan has headed the international diving tourism exhibition in Istanbul, which Sudan has attended for the first time by a tourist pavilion that includes many of the Sudanese tourism products, and extensive promotion to diving tourism in the Red Sea,”.


The head of the Sudanese delegation in Istanbul Ahmed Osman said: “Sudan has decided to enter into the diving tourism field strongly, following the example of sister Egypt, which has achieved great success in this field and has become world famous.”

Osman stressed his country’s keenness to support tourism cooperation with Egypt, adding that Sudan has established three diving centers on the Red Sea close to the coast of Egypt, to be a natural extension of the Egyptian Diving Tourism.

He pointed out that the different marine life on the Egyptian areas has been taken into account on the grounds that the Sudanese tourism, especially along the Red Sea, is an extension to the Egyptian one and not a competitor.

Egypt has been absent from participation in Istanbul tourism exhibition for unknown reasons.



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