Sudan: Council of States approves FFAMC performance’s report


Gms: Khartoum, 31 Dec. 2015 (SUNA)
The Council of the States adopted, in its Monday sitting headed by its Chairman Dr. Omer Suleiman, a report on the performance of the Fiscal and Financial Allocation and Monitoring Commission (FFAMC) for the year 2015, presented by the Head of the Commission Ahmed Mohamed Ali.
The report reviewed the position of Federal remittances to the states and agricultural compensation, stressing FFAMC’s commitment to the financial and capital transfers and the share of the states in the petroleum during the past year.
For their part, the members of the Council stressed the need for a fair division of financial resources to the states and taking into account the specificity of the states facing exceptional conditions and challenges.
The council members called for the increase of the resources and doubling of production and productivity to support the national economy, urging strengthening of the federal government and federalism as well as transparency in power and wealth sharing.
They also called for provision of basic services including education, health, security and roads, taking into account demographic criteria upon which financial resources are divided to the states.
The council stressed the need to consider the standards of financial resources’ division and endorsement of these standards through the Parliament

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