Sudan: RSF Commander Vows to Stop Border Crimes, Human Traffickers

Gms: Khartoum, 26 March 2018 (Smc)

Commander of the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF), General Mohammad Dagalo (Humaidti), stressed the need to resolve the smuggling operations across the eastern border, announcing support of RSF for civil administration, service projects and the humanitarian sector in Kassala.


On Saturday, Humaidti ended a three-day visit to the state during which he inspected his forces, assured they are carrying out duties to secure and protect the country, particularly from smuggling of subsidized food stuff and commodities..

He also visited the towns of Aroma, Talkuk and Hamashkoreib, and held meetings with the state security committee and the local administrations of preachers, mayors, sheikhs and principals.

During the visit, he touched upon the unity of the community spirit and the cohesion of the people and the harmony between the civil administration and the state government, which he said gave the civil administration powers that contributed to enhancing its role in society.

He praised the efforts of Sheikh Khalawi Hamashkoreib Suleiman Ali Betai, through the message of Khalawi Hamashkoreib in the dissemination, teaching and memorization of the Holy Quran to various people of the Sudan from various states, stressing his support for Khalawi and a number of men of the civil administration by means of mobility and movement.

Governor of Kassala Adam Jama’a Adam, the visit of the RSF Commander left a positive impact on the social, political, security and military sectors.

He pointed to many of the gains made during the meetings with members of the civil administration, vowing to strengthen the role of the civil administration during the next phase

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