Sudan: Workshop of data analysis and performance review concludes its work in Khartoum

Gms: Khartoum, 25 March 2018 (SUNA)

A data analysis and performance review workshop organized by the African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI) in cooperation with the Sudanese National Audit Bureau was concluded today at the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hafiz, Deputy General Auditor of the Republic represented Sudan in the workshop. He praised the role played by the Organization in the development and building of human capacity in the member countries according to international standards in the field of auditing and said that Sudan joined this organization in 2014, indicating that the National Audit Bureau benefited from it a lot.

 He also praised the selection of Sudan to hold this workshop in, which was supposed to be held in South Africa and thanked participants from African countries participating in the training course. For her part, the representative of the Organization stressed the importance of this workshop in the development of performance review so that the audit institutions in Africa to achieve transparency and integrity in the management of public funds.

At the conclusion of the workshop, certificates were distributed to participants SUNA noted that the session was attended by representatives from Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania, South Africa and Namibia, as well as facilitators from Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.

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