Ghandour Opens Dossier of Relations with His Egyptian Counterpart

– Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour held talks in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa with his Egyptian counterpart Samih Shukri that tackled the

outstanding issues between the two countries including the dossier of Renaissance Dam.


The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samih Shukri, expected that the Ambassador of Sudan to Cairo would return to practice his mission very soon.

Shukri said following his meeting with Ghandour that he expects that the Ambassador of Sudan would return to Cairo very soon as the relations need presence of ambassadors for the two countries to contribute to management of these relations.

He pointed out that the meeting availed a good opportunity for frank talks on all issues that had led to deviation of the relations between Egypt and Sudan from their natural path, adding that the two sides affirmed importance of joint work to restore the ties to their normal course.

Shukri indicated that they strive through such meetings to make the relations have such importance that make them work to remove any misunderstandings.

The Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs called on the media to be a responsible party that refrains from harming the relations and not to slide into any sort of insult and non-objective work.

On the relations with Ethiopia, Shukri said the Egyptian concern with the negotiations on the Renaissance Dam is legitimate as it is a sensitive issue for the Egyptian people, adding that this doesn’t mean that they would not continue in formulation of reasonable solutions in accordance with the principles of the international law as well as in accordance with the relations that link the friendly countries in a view to reaching at the end full implementation of the framework agreement  and commitment of all parties to their pledges.

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