Nubia: from 3000 BC

The region known in modern times as the Sudan (short for the Arabic bilad as-sudan, ‘land of the blacks’) has for much of its history been linked with or influenced by Egypt, its immediate neighbour

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Sources: The Library of Congress Country Studies; CIA World Factbook

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Craftsman engaged in jewelry making, Omdurman 
Courtesy Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, Washington

The development of modern manufacturing received little direct encouragement in Sudan during the condominium period. British economic policies were aimed basically at expanding the production of primary products, mainly cotton, for export.

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Kiir’s statement in Khartoum

Rosemary Peter | November 2, 2017

Kiir and Bashir in Khartoum November, 1, 2017

President Salva Kiir has expressed optimism that this round of talks with his Sudanese counterpart will yield better results.

President Kiir traveled to Khartoum on Wednesday to hold bilateral talks with Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir

His visit comes a year after President Bashir was expected in Juba to encourage the parties to implement the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

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Sheikh Hamad-al Nil Tomb

Every Friday evening, Sufi dervishes perform a ritual called dhikr at the tomb of Sheikh Hamad-al Nil, a 19th-century Sufi leader. The devotees dance and work themselves into a frenzy while reciting Allah’s name, helping to create a state of ecstatic abandon that supposedly allows their hearts to communicate directly with God.

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