Arab efforts boosted Sudan's endeavors on revocation of sanctions

Belarusian President says he is ready to visit Khartoum every year

Sudanese-Egyptian Talks Review Holding of Political Consultation Committee

Sudan renews complaint before the UN Security Council regarding borderlines with Egypt

President Al-Bashir receives phone call from Mauritanian counterpart

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Gms: Khartoum, 19 January 2017. (SUNA)

The activities of the Workshop on Environmental Vision for exploitation of Red Sea's mineral resources is due to be held at the Ministry of Minerals Thursday with participation of the members of the Permanent Sudanese-Saudi Joint Committee for Exploitation of the Red Sea's Mineral Resources, which is known as the "Atlantis 2".

Gms: Khartoum, 18 January 2017. (SMC)

Towards efforts to boost the national economy, the leaders of the Sudan Employer’s Association and the private sector expressed their willingness to continue their efforts during the next phase for good investment and activate the movement of investment widely, and raise production and build a solid economic base for economic cooperation with the United States.

One of the fields that are expected to benefit from the sanctions uplifting is the medical field. This field has been affected badly by those sanctions.

Gms: Khartoum, 15 January 2017. (SV)

The Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr. Mohamed Zayed Awad, has said that his ministry is carrying out arrangements that aim at increasing oil production and expanding the exploration operations in the country in the future.

The International Holy Koran prize competition will hold its closing ceremony Friday in Khartoum. The president of the republic Omar Al-Bashir will address the event.