Khartoum State Pilgrims Complete Procedures

Sudan: Delegation from DRC Visits Dams Implementation Unit

Presidency Directs Providing Basic Services for Abyei Citizens

Senior U.N official to visit the Sudan, South Sudan

U.S. says Sudan is "cooperative partner" on counterterrorism

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The Sudanese government has signed an agreement with a Malaysian company to create more than two million jobs in Sudan.

Gms: Al-Simaih, 20 July, 2017 (SUNA)

The Director General of Khor Abu Habil Agricultural Project in Al-Simaih area at the North Kordofan State in western Sudan Engineer Makki Abdullah Adam has revealed that detailed studies have been conducted for the purchase and installation of a new cotton gin at a cost exceeding 3 million pounds.

Establishment (ICOE) has pledged to treat all the eye problems with the Sudanese students residing in thestudents houses of the national fund for student welfare. Dr. Fareed Mohammad Al-Yagoot, the chairman of the establishment welcomed the secretary general of the fund, Professor Mohammad Abdullah

Gms: Khartoum, July 16 (SV)

Dr. Karar Al-Tuhami, The Secretary General of the Secretariat of Sudanese Working abroad has downplayed any potential impact of 50,000 Sudanese expatriates who have been deported from Saudi Arabia on the national economy.

Gms: Al-Fashir, July 15 (SUNA)

The Office of Development Services Partners (PDS) in cooperation with the Mamoun Biheiri Center for Economic and Social Studies and Research in Africa organized Thursday a training session onenhancement of gender participation in peace and economic activities at the Station of Agricultural Corporation in Al-Fashir.